4M Plants is an established company. It specializes in manufacturing of a brand new series of spinning plants called OMNIA, which are designed for maximum flexibility and ergonomics. Our extremely fast machine installation and subsequent operations parameter setup reduces costs and waste and boost productivity and efficiency even on the smallest production lots.
The multi-filament spinning plant designed and manufactured by 4M Plants will maximize the return of investment and allow lower production costs.
All this is made possible thanks to a combination of key factors.
More than 20 years of direct experience in extrusion and spinning yarn gave us the knowledge to design and manufacture effective plants to solve customer needs.
Know how is gained by continuous research in technology and materials. 4M Plants provide machines equipped with the best available proven components for a projected long life of the entire plant. We utilize advanced spinning technology in order to obtain best production performance coupled with reduced energy consumption.

Plants are built following our 4M ergonomic philosophy:

  • Make a spinning machine that less skilled operators can safely operate.
  • Make a plant so that our customers can maximize number of machines that a single operator can manage to run.
  • Make a plant that minimizes downtime.

Before the delivery of each spinning machine it is first fully assembled in our company and tested under production conditions for at least one week. Only after the machine has passed all quality aspects and functionality it is delivered to the customer.

‘Plug, run and earn’ is not just a marketing claim but it is our standard.

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