Draw frame and revamping

Following to our experience, we are in a position to supply a wide range of drawing frames, standard or customized following to your needs.

We are in apposition to supply, together with the draw frame: spin finish system, airtangling and control cabinet in a single unit.

We give you the opportunity to integrate components or old machine parts to build your own plant, revamping may be applied to automation only. In this way an analogic plant becomes a full digital one, improving efficiency and reducing complexity in control and maintenance costs.

All our revamping are made using the latest technologies to be ergonomic, functional and flexible in a reduced space, a reliable and innovative product that gives a competitive edge.

Automation is provided using Siemens and Mitsubishi (CE, UL CUL compliant) components. Each godet is coupled with motor driven by inverter.

The inverters can significantly enhance the energy balance with energy savings.
Additional savings are made possible by new generation of inverters. The result is maximum utilization of motor capacity at maximum efficiency.
Electrical heating with PLC PID controller, for an optimized use of energy and process precision.
Ask for a personalized quotation following to your needs.