4M Plants – Spinning the future

4M Plants Omnia series is entirely designed and manufactured by 4M Plants and comes from more than 20 years of direct experience in producing multifilament yarns.

Our philosophy

The philosophy behind our plant is to supply a reliable, easy to use and flexible Spinning plant, able to produce POY and FDY without removing parts, just stringing up a different path.

Why choose 4M Plants?

The cost of maintenance has been reduced too, we have minimized customized components in favor of market ones, which are easy to be found in almost every market.

All our plants are designed to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort with the goal of reducing waste costs and boost productivity and efficiency even on very small production lots.

Expensive downtime for setup and installation has been reduced to the minimum; our smallest plants can be installed and start production in one day.

4M Plants uses the latest technologies to be ergonomic,functional and flexible in a reduced space, a reliable and innovative product that gives you a competitive edge.


Since we are also yarn manufacturer all our plants are tested before shipment in our production environment, moreover we are in a position to offer training for your team at our premises using your plant before shipping it.

Plug, run and earn is not just a marketing claim but it is our standard.