Compact PP Spinning Machine

Standard up to 8 ends

Single side Spinning plant with single extruder up to a 60/30.

It can be configured with different Spinning head electrically heated and equipped from 2 up to 6 Spinerettes, with or without hydraulic split.
The Quencing system provided is Expero series with independent zones, on request an air to air chiller can be provided.

Draw section is provided with first quality Retech rolls, each roll is coupled with motor driven by inverter.
Spin finish system equipped with first quality ceramic and air tangling provided by primary brands.

The machine is equipped with a full digital automation system with a PLC and touch screen interface to manage the plant.

4M Plants has developed an easy and intuitive software to control the spinning plant: extruder, spinning head, Quencing, spin finish, draw section and air tangling unit are all managed from a touch screen.

All the automation elements and the inverters installed onboard are of first quality brands.

The smallest Onmia standard can be installed and put into production in one day.


In modern spinning plant a full automation and a user friendly control system represent the real difference in controlling end managing the process, this together with skilled personnel lead to efficiency and to a fast payback of your investment.

Siemens HMI and PLC full process control allows a perfect repeatability of the product. USB and Ethernet enabled, print directly on standard printer and save configuration on USB stick.

The easiest and clear the control system the simpler for your people to manage and fine control the production.
In this aim we have developed a clear easy and intuitive main control unit.
Through any easy touch panel the operator can manage the machine: extrusion, spin beam,
drawing section.

Standard language for touch panel is English, Portuguese language, but at your request we may translate to other languages.

At your request we may also offer various systems to receive production data from your plant: from a simple csv file to a complete and customized supervision system with Plc system.
As the system has been internally developed, at your request we may create customized windows and manage third party units (if allowed by this unit protocol and manufacturer).

Automation is provided using Siemens and Mitsubishi (CE, UL CUL compliant) components.

Additional savings are made possible by new generation of inverters. The result is maximum utilization of motor capacity at maximum efficiency.
Electrical heating with PLC PID controller, for an optimized use of energy and process precision.


Our drawing frame has been built using first quality motors and Retech godet rolls. Each motor is coupled with a synchronous motor driven by individual inverter, the same.

In FDY production dual B and C are closed to stabilize production temp and stretch, this system also grant lower power consumption.


Since we are also yarn manufacturer all our plants are tested before shipment in our production environment, moreover we are in a position to offer training for your team at our premises using your plant before shipping it.