Air Texturing Machine

For FDY Yarn – 10 fully independent positions

4M Plants ATY machines are built with fully independent positions in order to grant you the opportunity to produce different counts on different positions in the same time.

This machine is designed for air texturing process of PP FDY continuous filament yarn up to 3.500 dtex final for single position, parallel or core/effect yarn (optional) wound on cylindrical bobbins.

The unit can also be used for rewinding or air-tangling yarn adding air-tangling ceramics.

Count From 150 Dtex up to max 3.500 Dtex depending on ceramics installed.

Production capacity about 1.5 kg/hour per position depending on count and speed.


The easiest and clear the control system the simpler for your people to manage and fine control the production.
In this aim we have developed a clear easy and intuitive main control unit.
Through a friendly software interface the operator can manage the machine.

Automation is provided using Siemens and Mitsubishi (CE, UL CUL compliant) components.
Each godet is coupled with motor driven by inverter.

The inverters can significantly enhance the energy balance with energy savings.
Additional savings are made possible by new generation of inverters. The result is maximum utilization of motor capacity at maximum efficiency.
Electrical heating with PLC PID controller, for an optimized use of energy and process precision.


Since we are also yarn manufacturer all our plants are tested before shipment in our production environment, moreover we are in a position to offer training for your team at our premises using your plant before shipping it.